Coronavirus Notice (updated 17 March 2020)

As with all businesses in the UK, we are currently working to maintain business as usual, as the impact of Covid-19 begins to be felt across the country. We are endeavouring to maintain our usual high levels of client care and are planning to ensure the continuity of our service as government advice changes.

We have planned for all of our staff to work remotely, should we be required or advised to close our offices. This means that we will continue to advise clients, both existing and new.

To enable us to continue advising our clients, we have made some changes to the way in which we will work. These are detailed below:

Contacting us

We offer various methods of communication, including telephone and email.

Our general office contact details are:

Carnforth t | 01524 952 600 e |

Kendal t | 01539 725582 e|

Milnthorpe t | 015395 64600 e |


We do not know how long the Post Office will continue dealing with post in the usual manner, or whether we will be able to receive it at our offices. Please therefore refrain from using the post, wherever possible.

Dropping into our offices

Our offices will be closed to drop-in visits until further notice. If you need to speak to us, please call the office that you wish to deal with, or a direct dial if you know this.

Appointments at our offices

In order to reduce the risk of infection, we will not be carrying out face-to-face meetings at our offices, unless they are both pre-booked and essential. When you make an appointment, we will send you current NHS health guidance on Covid-19 ( ) and ask that you do not come to our offices if you are ill or should be self-isolating.

Surfaces in our offices will be wiped down with anti-bacterial products after each meeting.

Appointments at your home or business

We will contact you in advance to ensure that you are well and should not be self-isolating in line with the government’s advice at that time. If either of these situations applies, we will be unable to visit you.

Viewings & valuation appointments

We are endeavouring to continue property viewings and market appraisals as long as we can. When we are due to attend a viewing or market appraisal with you, we will send you current NHS health guidance on Covid-19 ( ) and ask if you are ill or should be self-isolating. We will not attend if either of these factors apply.


Direct bank payments are the best way to send funds to us. If our offices are open, we can take debit and credit card payments over the telephone.

If our offices are closed, we would ask that you send funds to us by direct bank payment, using the bank account details provided by UK Tenant Data, our online tenant referencing system. Our bank details are also shown on our invoices.

Please avoid sending us a cheque, as we may not be able to bank these, particularly if government guidance is to close our offices.

Property inspections

We will continue to carry out property inspections, subject to the precautions that we will take in respect of viewings and valuation appointments.

Property maintenance

We will endeavour to ensure that any property maintenance issues are resolved, as quickly as possible. This will, however, be dependent upon the availability of individual contractors.

If you are a tenant with a maintenance issue, please notify us either by telephone or email. As usual, your maintenance issue will be risk assessed and prioritised accordingly. Before a booking is made with a contractor, we will ask you to confirm whether you are ill or are/should be self-isolating. Your answers to these questions will be passed onto contractors, to enable them to risk assess the job. If they are able to attend, we will ask the contractor the same questions and relay their replies to you.

Affordability of rent

We appreciate that some tenants may suffer hardship as a result of reduced pay or income, whilst the government’s special measures continue. If you think that you may struggle to pay your rent, please let us know at the earliest opportunity, so that we can inform your landlord and make the necessary arrangements.

We anticipate that the government may make offer financial assistance to renters. We will provide a link to any information in this regard, once it is available.


As with all other businesses, as the number of people falling ill increases, our ability to progress transactions may inevitably slow. It is also likely that other firms of estate agents, solicitors and banks will be in the same position, and this will impact upon transactions that we are dealing with. In these situations, we would ask that you bear with us, we will be doing our utmost to move things along for you.